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  1. Achievement Testing

    Achievement Testing

    Isaac I. Bejar


    A book which summarizes many of the recent advances in the theory and practice of achievement testing, in the light of technological developments, and developments in psychometric and psychological theory. It provides an ...


    Methods: Psychometrics

  2. Agent-Based Models

    Agent-Based Models

    Nigel Gilbert


    Agent-based modeling (ABM) is a technique increasingly used in a broad range of social sciences. It involves building a computational model consisting of agents, each of which represents an actor in the social world, and an "environment" in which the agents act. Agents are able to int...


    Methods: Agent-based simulation , Computer programmes , Modelling , Simulation , Concepts & philosophies

  3. Analysis of Covariance

    Analysis of Covariance

    Albert R. Wildt & Olli Ahtola


    This book presents a technique for analyzing the effects of variables, groups, and treatments in both experimental and observational settings. Analysis of Covariance considers not only the main effects of one variable upon another, but ...


    Methods: Hypothesis , Covariates , Comparison , Analysis , Analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) , Covariance

  4. Analysis of Nominal Data, Second Edition

    Analysis of Nominal Data, Second Edition

    H. T. Reynolds


    The updated second edition offers expanded discussions of the chi square test of significance and the potential measures of association available for use with categoric data. Reviewing basic techniques in analysis of nominal data, this ...


    Methods: Multivariate analysis , Chi-square test , Association , Nominal scale

  5. Analysis of Ordinal Data

    Analysis of Ordinal Data

    David K. Hildebrand, James D. Laing & Howard Rosenthal


    Ordinal data can be rank ordered but not assumed to have equal distances between categories. Using support by judges for civil rights measures and bussing as the primary example, this paper indicates how such data can best be analyzed. ...


    Methods: Ordinal scale

  6. Analysis of Variance, Second Edition

    Analysis of Variance, Second Edition

    Gudmund R. Iversen & Helmut Norpoth


    The second edition of this book provides a conceptual understanding of analysis of variance. It outlines methods for analysing variance that are used to study the effect of one or more nominal variables on a dependent, interval level ...


    Methods: Two-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) , One-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) , Alpha error / Type i error , Analysis of variance (ANOVA)

  7. Analytic Mapping and Geographic Databases

    Analytic Mapping and Geographic Databases

    G. David Garson & Robert S. Biggs


    Analytic Mapping and Geographic Databases G. David Garson North Carolina State University Robert S. Biggs Community Development and Planning Wendell, North Carolina SAGE Publications, Inc. 2455 Teller Road Newbury...


    Methods: Visual research , Database , Visual analysis , Autocorrelation , Census research , Modelling , Census data , Analysis

  8. Analyzing Complex Survey Data, Second

    Analyzing Complex Survey Data, Second

    Eun Sul Lee & Ronald N. Forthofer


    This book examines ways to analyze complex surveys, and focuses on the problems of weights and design effects. This new edition incorporates recent practice of analyzing complex survey data, introduces the new analytic approach for categorical data analysis (logistic regression), revi...


    Methods: Sampling , Quantitative data analysis , Regression , Data analysis , Analysis , Survey , Survey data analysis

  9. Analyzing Decision Making

    Analyzing Decision Making

    Jordan J. Louviere


    This volume introduces the theory, method, and applications of one type of conjoint analysis technique. These techniques are used to study individual judgement and decision processes. Based upon Information Integration Theory, ...


    Methods: Decision making , Individuals

  10. Analyzing Documentary Accounts

    Analyzing Documentary Accounts

    Randy Hodson


    Although ethnographic evidence has accumulated in fields ranging from organizational studies to sociology, these studies have not been fully exploited except as sources of descriptive data. Analyzing Documentary Accounts provides ...


    Methods: Documentary analysis

  11. Analyzing Panel Data

    Analyzing Panel Data

    Gregory B. Markus


    An introduction to a variety of techniques that may be used in the analysis of data from a panel study -- information obtained from a large number of entities at two or more points in time. The focus of this volume is on analysis rather ...


    Methods: Quantitative data analysis , Panel data

  12. Analyzing Repeated Surveys

    Analyzing Repeated Surveys

    Glenn Firebaugh


    Repeated surveys — a technique for asking the same questions to different samples of people — allows researchers the opportunity to analyze changes in society as a whole. This book begins with a discussion of the classic issue of how to ...


    Methods: Survey data analysis

  13. ANOVA


    Ellen R. Girden


    Focusing on situations in which analysis of variance (ANOVA) involving the repeated measurement of separate groups of individuals is needed, Girden reveals the advantages, disadvantages, and counterbalancing issues of repeated measures ...


  14. Applied Correspondence Analysis

    Applied Correspondence Analysis

    Sten-Erik Clausen


    This volume provides readers with a simple, non-technical introduction to correspondence analysis (CA), a technique for summarily describing the relationships among categorical variables in large tables. It begins with the history and logic of CA. The author shows readers ...


    Methods: Log-linear analysis , Constant comparison , Chi-square test , Mean scores , Cases , Alpha error / Type i error , Correlation , Eigenvalue

  15. Applied Logistic Regression Analysis, Second Edition

    Applied Logistic Regression Analysis, Second Edition

    Scott Menard


    The focus in Applied Logistic Regression Analysis, Second Edition, is again on logistic regression models for individual level data, but aggregate or grouped data are also considered. The book includes detailed discussions of goodness of ...


  16. Applied Regression

    Applied Regression

    Michael S. Lewis-Beck


    Applied regression allows social scientists who are not specialists in quantitative techniques to arrive at clear verbal explanations of their ...


  17. Assessing Inequality

    Assessing Inequality

    Lingxin Hao & Daniel Q. Naiman


    This text reviews a set of widely used summary inequality measures, and the lesser known relative distribution method provides the basic rational...


    Methods: Inequality , Descriptive statistics , Distribution , Interpretation , Statistical significance , Analysis , Power , Survey , Empirical data

  18. The Association Graph and the Multigraph for Loglinear Models

    The Association Graph and the Multigraph for Loglinear Models

    Harry J. Khamis


    Will help students, particularly those studying the analysis of categorical data, to develop the ability to evaluate and unravel even the most complex loglinear models without heavy calculations or statistical software.


    Methods: Visualization , Contingency tables , Data visualisation , Log-linear analysis , Association models , Quantitative data analysis , Graph theory , Modelling , Association , Crosstabulation , Statistical modelling

  19. Association Models

    Association Models

    Raymond Sin-Kwok Wong


    Although association models have been widely utilized by social stratification researchers, especially in the study of social mobility and assortative mating such techniques have yet to be widely disseminated to other social science disciplines. This is partly because most of the impo...


    Methods: Quantitative data analysis , Association models , Quantitative research , Statistical significance , Statistical modelling

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