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  1. Assessing the Quality of Survey Data

    Assessing the Quality of Survey Data

    Jörg Blasius & Victor Thiessen


    This book introduces the latest methods for assessing the quality and validity of survey data by providing new ways of interpreting variation and measuring error. By practically and accessibly demonstrating these techniques, especially those derived from Multiple Correspondence Analys...


    Methods: Integrity , Scaling , Screening , Comparison , Quantitative data collection , Quality criteria , Survey

  2. Advances in Visual Methodology

    Advances in Visual Methodology

    Sarah Pink


    Sarah Pink draws together in a single volume a set of key writings on advances and explorations that sit at the innovative edge of theory and practice in contemporary visual research. Advances in Visual Methodology presents a critical engagement with interdisciplinary practice in the ...


    Methods: Visual research , Ethnography , Visual ethnography , Ethnographic photography or filmmaking

  3. Journal Article

    "Ambient Affiliation: A Linguistic Perspective on Twitter"

    New Media & Society (2011)

    This article explores how language is used to build community with the microblogging service, Twitter ( ). Systemic Functional Linguistic (SFL), a theory of language use in its social context, is employed to analyse the structure and meaning of tweets (posts to Twi...

    Methods: Social networks , Meaning , Text , Language , Internet research

  4. The Association Graph and the Multigraph for Loglinear Models

    The Association Graph and the Multigraph for Loglinear Models

    Harry J. Khamis


    Will help students, particularly those studying the analysis of categorical data, to develop the ability to evaluate and unravel even the most complex loglinear models without heavy calculations or statistical software.


    Methods: Visualization , Contingency tables , Data visualisation , Log-linear analysis , Association models , Quantitative data analysis , Graph theory , Modelling , Association , Crosstabulation , Statistical modelling

  5. The Art of Funding and Implementing Ideas: A Guide to Proposal Development and Project Management

    The Art of Funding and Implementing Ideas: A Guide to Proposal Development and Project Management

    Arnold R. Shore & John M. Carfora


    This resource provides a step-by-step approach to turning a research idea into a proposal worthy of funding, demystifying the process as a result. The authors present a proven approach to the development of research ideas alongside a systematic treatment of proposals section-by-sectio...


    Methods: Research management

  6. Association Models

    Association Models

    Raymond Sin-Kwok Wong


    Although association models have been widely utilized by social stratification researchers, especially in the study of social mobility and assortative mating such techniques have yet to be widely disseminated to other social science disciplines. This is partly because most of the impo...


    Methods: Quantitative data analysis , Association models , Quantitative research , Statistical significance , Statistical modelling

  7. Assessing Inequality

    Assessing Inequality

    Lingxin Hao & Daniel Q. Naiman


    This text reviews a set of widely used summary inequality measures, and the lesser known relative distribution method provides the basic rational...


    Methods: Inequality , Descriptive statistics , Distribution , Interpretation , Statistical significance , Analysis , Power , Survey , Empirical data

  8. Journal Article

    "Autoethnography in Vocational Psychology: Wearing Your Class on Your Sleeve"

    Journal of Career Development (2010)

    This article addresses reflective practice in research and practice and takes the issue of consciousness of social class in vocational psychology as a working example. It is argued that the discipline's appreciation of social class can be advanced through application...

    Methods: Autoethnography , Class , Reflexivity

  9. Analyzing Narrative Reality

    Analyzing Narrative Reality

    Jaber F. Gubrium & James A. Holstein


    Provides researchers, consultants, managers, and organizational development specialists validated and reliable ways to measure how employees view their work and their organization. Whether preparing questionnaires or interviews for an employee survey, organizational assessment, disser...


    Methods: Textual analysis , Field studies , Fieldwork , Ethnography , Text , Language , Narrattive analysis , Narrative analysis , Narrative research

  10. Journal Article

    "Analysis of terrorist social networks with fractal views"

    Journal of Information Science (2009)

    Visualization plays an important role in generating new insights in social network analysis [1]. Freeman [2] claims that visual images of social networks provide investigators with new insights about network structures and help them to communicate those insights to oth...

    Methods: Visualization , Social networks , Social network analysis , Network analysis , Nodes , Algorithms , Networks

  11. The SAGE Handbook of Applied Social Research Methods, Second Edition

    The SAGE Handbook of Applied Social Research Methods, Second Edition

    Leonard Bickman & Debra J. Rog


    The Second Edition of The SAGE Handbook of Applied Social Research Methods provides students and researchers with the most comprehensive resource covering core methods, research designs, and data collection, management, and analysis issues. This thoroughly revised ...


    Methods: Methodology , Sampling , Research design , Quantitative research , Qualitative research

  12. Action Research in the Classroom

    Action Research in the Classroom

    Vivienne Baumfield, Elaine Hall & Kate Wall


    Action Research in the Classroom is an essential guide for any teacher or student-teacher interested in doing research in the classroom. The ...


    Methods: Research questions , Reflection , Quantitative data analysis , Knowledge , Experience , Analysis , Action research , Qualitative research , Interaction

  13. Advances in Mixed Methods Research

    Advances in Mixed Methods Research

    Manfred Max Bergman


    Advances in Mixed Methods Research provides an essential introduction to the fast-growing field of mixed methods research. Bergman's book examines the current state of mixed-methods research, exploring exciting new ways of conceptualizing and conducting empirical research in the socia...


    Methods: Methodology , Research design , Combining methods , Quantitative research , Mixing qualitative and quantitative data , Concepts & philosophies , Mixed methods , Qualitative research , Synthesis

  14. Adventures in Criminal Justice Research, Fourth Edition

    Adventures in Criminal Justice Research, Fourth Edition

    Kim A. Logio, George W. Dowdall, Earl R. Babbie & Fred S. Halley


    The only book of its kind, this text guides students through the process of conducting criminological data analysis. Used primarily in lab settings, the Fourth Edition of Adventures in Criminal Justice Research, derived from the popular Adventures in Social Research (Babbie et al, Pin...


    Methods: Descriptive statistics , Variables , Research design , Statistical packages , Statistical significance , Data analysis , Analysis , Survey

  15. Agent-Based Models

    Agent-Based Models

    Nigel Gilbert


    Agent-based modeling (ABM) is a technique increasingly used in a broad range of social sciences. It involves building a computational model consisting of agents, each of which represents an actor in the social world, and an "environment" in which the agents act. Agents are able to int...


    Methods: Agent-based simulation , Computer programmes , Modelling , Simulation , Concepts & philosophies

  16. Handbook of the Arts in Qualitative Research: Perspectives, Methodologies, Examples, and Issues

    Handbook of the Arts in Qualitative Research: Perspectives, Methodologies, Examples, and Issues

    J. Gary Knowles & Ardra L. Cole


    Represents an unfolding and expanding orientation to qualitative social science research that draws inspiration, concepts, processes, and representational forms from the arts.


    Methods: Visual representations , Artistic inquiry , Visual research , Visual analysis , Writing , Performance , Dance , Experience , Text , Drama , Art

  17. Journal Article

    "The Abu Ghraib Torture Photographs: News Frames, Visual Culture, and the Power of Images"

    Journalism (2008)

    Drawing on a close analysis of how the Abu Ghraib photographs originally were perceived and framed in the American news media, public debate, and in various cultural contexts, this article addresses the question of how iconic news media images exercise power in the s...

    Methods: Visual representations , Representation of reality , Meaning , Text

  18. Journal Article

    "Advances in Age-Period-Cohort Analysis"

    Sociological Methods & Research (2008)

    This issue of Sociological Methods & Research contains four state-of-the-art articles on the statistical analysis of age-specific data arrayed by periods (years) or, alternatively, by cohorts. This has always been the nub of the problem: Can you really distinguis...

    Methods: Cohort analysis , Cohort effects , Analysis , Random effects

  19. The SAGE Handbook of Action Research, 2nd

    The SAGE Handbook of Action Research, 2nd

    Peter Reason & Hilary Bradbury


    Building on the strength of the seminal first edition, the The SAGE Handbook of Action Research has been completley updated to bring chapters in ...


    Methods: Participatory action research , Participatory research , Change , Concepts & philosophies , Qualitative research , Stakeholders , Action science , Conversation analysis , Participation , Methodology , Praxis , Experience , Action research , Empowerment

  20. Analysing Qualitative Data in Psychology

    Analysing Qualitative Data in Psychology

    Evanthia Lyons & Adrian Coyle


    Analysing Qualitative Data in Psychology equips students and researchers in psychology and the social sciences to carry out qualitative data ...


    Methods: Discursive psychology , Discourse analysis , Grounded theory , Qualitative research , Qualitative data analysis , Interpretive phenomenological analysis (IPA) , Narrative analysis

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