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  1. Methods Case Studies

    Above the Drum: A Study of Visual Imagery Used to Represent the Changes in Hip-Hop

    Crystal LaVoulle


    This case seeks to add to the growing research on the hip-hop culture and the importance of visual images in qualitative research. This study explores the use of visual imagery as a tool for describing the changes that have led to hip-hop culture's transformation to the hip-hop ...


    Methods: Visual research , Partnership , Video research , Narrative analysis , Documentary research

  2. Journal Article

    "The Abu Ghraib Torture Photographs: News Frames, Visual Culture, and the Power of Images"

    Journalism (2008)

    Drawing on a close analysis of how the Abu Ghraib photographs originally were perceived and framed in the American news media, public debate, and in various cultural contexts, this article addresses the question of how iconic news media images exercise power in the s...

    Methods: Visual representations , Representation of reality , Meaning , Text

  3. Methods Case Studies

    Academic Performance of Latina Students at an Early College High School: A Qualitative Case Study

    Leslie A. Locke


    This research method case study provides an account of my qualitative dissertation research project from start to finish. In this account, I take the reader inside some of the hurdles that arose in the course of the ...


    Methods: Purposive sampling , Focus groups , Field notes , Semi-structured interviews , Document analysis , Participant observation , Qualitative research , Role of the researcher

  4. Journal Article

    "Accessing, Waiting, Plunging in, Wondering, and Writing: Retrospective Sense-Making of Fieldwork"

    Field Methods (2000)

    This article presents five personal narratives about a field-worker's experience during an eighteen-month study of a residential college. The narratives focus on five distinct aspects of fieldwork: gaining access, waiting for action, establishi...

    Methods: Methodology , Interviews , Theory , Fieldwork , Ethics / Research ethics , Writing , Ethnography , Participant observation , Qualitative research , Access , Conversation analysis

  5. Achievement Testing

    Achievement Testing

    Isaac I. Bejar


    A book which summarizes many of the recent advances in the theory and practice of achievement testing, in the light of technological developments, and developments in psychometric and psychological theory. It provides an ...


    Methods: Psychometrics

  6. Achieving Impact in Research

    Achieving Impact in Research

    Pam Denicolo


    This unique addition to the Success in Research series addresses the importance of understanding and achieving impact for the purposes of gaining research funding and reporting achieved impact for the Research Excellence Framework (REF). The book includes contributions fr...


    Methods: Reflection , Evaluation , Research design , Public policy , Research proposals , Concepts & philosophies , Dissemination

  7. The SAGE Handbook of Action Research, 2nd

    The SAGE Handbook of Action Research, 2nd

    Peter Reason & Hilary Bradbury


    Building on the strength of the seminal first edition, the The SAGE Handbook of Action Research has been completley updated to bring chapters in ...


    Methods: Participatory action research , Participatory research , Change , Concepts & philosophies , Qualitative research , Stakeholders , Action science , Conversation analysis , Participation , Methodology , Praxis , Experience , Action research , Empowerment

  8. Encyclopedia

    The SAGE Encyclopedia of Action Research

    The SAGE Encyclopedia of Action Research

    David Coghlan & Mary Brydon-Miller


    Action research is a term used to describe a family of related approaches that integrate theory and action with a goal of addressing important organizational, community, and social issues together with those who experience them. It focuses on the creation of areas for collaborative le...


    Methods: Participatory action research , Methodology , Theory , Action research

  9. Methods Case Studies

    Action Research: Creative Metaphor to Build Relationships in Projects

    Arthur Shelley


    The purpose of this case study is to highlight the importance and limitations of methodology and research design in the exploration of highly subjective behavioural research. People are social creatures, and as such, th...


    Methods: Reflection , Focus groups , Intervention study , Action research , Survey , Interaction

  10. The Action Research Dissertation: A Guide for Students and Faculty

    The Action Research Dissertation: A Guide for Students and Faculty

    Kathryn Herr & Gary L. Anderson


    Provides an accessibleroadmap that honors the complexity of action research. It will show that action research is appropriate not only for a dissertation, but also a deeply rewarding experience for both the researcher and participants. This bookhelps students understand the ways actio...


    Methods: Practitioner evaluation , Participatory action research , Collaborative research , Practitioner research , Action research , Dissertation

  11. Action Research in Education

    Action Research in Education

    Mary McAteer


    ‘This structured and accessible book, with excellent case studies, will give confidence to anyone embarking on an action research project’ -Professor Ken Jones, Dean of Humanities, Swansea Metropolitan University ‘Masterly in it...


    Methods: Reflection , Practitioner research , Methodology , Writing , Research design , Knowledge , Writing up , Praxis , Action research , Dissemination

  12. Action Research in the Classroom

    Action Research in the Classroom

    Vivienne Baumfield, Elaine Hall & Kate Wall


    Action Research in the Classroom is an essential guide for any teacher or student-teacher interested in doing research in the classroom. The ...


    Methods: Research questions , Reflection , Quantitative data analysis , Knowledge , Experience , Analysis , Action research , Qualitative research , Interaction

  13. Methods Case Studies

    Action Research: Supporting the Developmentally Disabled and Their Caregivers

    Sherri Melrose


    In 2012, I worked with agencies serving the developmentally disabled to implement and evaluate a mental health promotion intervention. Responding to the problem of managing clients' mental illness mainly through crisis ...


    Methods: Evaluation research , Thematic analysis , Interviews , Intervention study , Action research

  14. The Active Interview

    The Active Interview

    James A. Holstein & Jaber F. Gubrium


    Interviews were once thought to be the pipeline through which information was transmitted from a passive subject to an omniscient researcher. However the new `active interview' considers interviewers and interviewees as equal partners in constructing meaning around an interview. This ...


    Methods: Interviews , Meaning , Active interviews

  15. Methods Case Studies

    Adapting the Biographic Narrative Interpretive Method for Young People

    Robert F. Hesketh


    In 2010, as a preregistered PhD student at the University of Chester, I began looking at possible qualitative methodological ways to study the subject of deviancy gang conformity and abstention, specifically why some di...


    Methods: Life story , Biographical interpretive method (BIM) , Qualitative research , Narrative analysis

  16. Journal Article

    "An Additional Measure of Overall Effect Size for Logistic Regression Models"

    Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics (2007)

    In this article, we propose an overall effect size measure for multiple logistic regression (MLOGR) models. We first discuss common measures of overall effect size: classical R 2 applied to multiple linear regression (MLR) and R 2 analogs applied to other g...

    Methods: Quantitative data analysis , Logistic regression , Regression coefficient , Regression , Effect size (ES) , Predictor variables

  17. Advanced Focus Group Research

    Advanced Focus Group Research

    Edward F. Fern


    Advanced Focus Group Research examines the focus group research process in depth. It uncovers and addresses many of the complexities researchers encounter in conducting focus group research and introduces a conceptual framework that helps researchers make informed decisions about how ...


    Methods: Research design , Focus groups , Group dynamics

  18. Journal Article

    "Advances in Age-Period-Cohort Analysis"

    Sociological Methods & Research (2008)

    This issue of Sociological Methods & Research contains four state-of-the-art articles on the statistical analysis of age-specific data arrayed by periods (years) or, alternatively, by cohorts. This has always been the nub of the problem: Can you really distinguis...

    Methods: Cohort analysis , Cohort effects , Analysis , Random effects

  19. Advances in Mixed Methods Research

    Advances in Mixed Methods Research

    Manfred Max Bergman


    Advances in Mixed Methods Research provides an essential introduction to the fast-growing field of mixed methods research. Bergman's book examines the current state of mixed-methods research, exploring exciting new ways of conceptualizing and conducting empirical research in the socia...


    Methods: Methodology , Research design , Combining methods , Quantitative research , Mixing qualitative and quantitative data , Concepts & philosophies , Mixed methods , Qualitative research , Synthesis

  20. Advances in Social Network Analysis: Research in the Social and 					Behavioral Sciences

    Advances in Social Network Analysis: Research in the Social and Behavioral Sciences

    Stanley Wasserman & Joseph Galaskiewicz


    In this book, leading methodologists address the issue of how effectively to apply the latest developments in social network analysis to behavioural and social science disciplines. Topics examined include: ways to specify the network contents to be studied; how to sele...


    Methods: Social networks , Interdisciplinarity , Social network analysis , Concepts & philosophies , Network analysis , Networks

Showing 1-20 of 85 items

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