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  1. Analyzing Documentary Accounts

    Analyzing Documentary Accounts

    Randy Hodson


    Although ethnographic evidence has accumulated in fields ranging from organizational studies to sociology, these studies have not been fully exploited except as sources of descriptive data. Analyzing Documentary Accounts provides ...


    Methods: Documentary analysis

  2. Analyzing Narrative Reality

    Analyzing Narrative Reality

    Jaber F. Gubrium & James A. Holstein


    Provides researchers, consultants, managers, and organizational development specialists validated and reliable ways to measure how employees view their work and their organization. Whether preparing questionnaires or interviews for an employee survey, organizational assessment, disser...


    Methods: Textual analysis , Field studies , Fieldwork , Ethnography , Text , Language , Narrattive analysis , Narrative analysis , Narrative research

  3. Analyzing Panel Data

    Analyzing Panel Data

    Gregory B. Markus


    An introduction to a variety of techniques that may be used in the analysis of data from a panel study -- information obtained from a large number of entities at two or more points in time. The focus of this volume is on analysis rather ...


    Methods: Quantitative data analysis , Panel data

  4. Analyzing Qualitative Data

    Analyzing Qualitative Data

    Graham R. Gibbs


    Outlining how to select the most appropriate tool for analyzing data, Analysing Qualitative Data also provides the reader with an awareness of the various challenges that are unique to interpreting the conceptual and subjective data generated in qualitative research.


    Methods: Qualitative data analysis , Qualitative research

  5. Analyzing Quantitative Data

    Analyzing Quantitative Data

    Norman Blaikie


    What basic knowledge and skills do novice researchers in social science require? How can students be helped to over-come ‘symbol phobia’ or ‘figure blindness’? This generous and constantly insightful book is designed for social researchers who need to know what procedures to use under...


  6. Analyzing Repeated Surveys

    Analyzing Repeated Surveys

    Glenn Firebaugh


    Repeated surveys — a technique for asking the same questions to different samples of people — allows researchers the opportunity to analyze changes in society as a whole. This book begins with a discussion of the classic issue of how to ...


    Methods: Survey data analysis

  7. Analyzing Social and Political Change

    Analyzing Social and Political Change

    Angela Dale & Richard B. Davies


    Researchers across the social sciences often encounter the need to analyze and understand change over time. When confronted with this need, the question arises as to which methodological technique or method is best suited to a given research study. Analyzing Social and Political Chang...


  8. Analyzing Visual Data

    Analyzing Visual Data

    Michael S. Ball & Gregory W. H. Smith


    This volume provides a basic framework for using visual data - namely still photographs - as a tool for social analysis. The authors determine the importance of theoretical assumptions in analyzing these data and provide advice on how to use photographs in cognitive, symbolist and str...


    Methods: Visual analysis , Visual ethnography , Ethnographic photography or filmmaking

  9. ANOVA


    Ellen R. Girden


    Focusing on situations in which analysis of variance (ANOVA) involving the repeated measurement of separate groups of individuals is needed, Girden reveals the advantages, disadvantages, and counterbalancing issues of repeated measures ...


  10. Methods Case Studies

    Application of Music Psychotherapy to Conduct Disorders in Adolescence: Exploring Change with the Help of a Mixed-Methods Design

    Lony Schiltz


    In music therapeutic research, we are confronted with the same dialectics of subjectivity and objectivity as in general clinical research, with the difference that we have a triangular relation between the therapist, the client and the artistic product developing ...


    Methods: Quasi-experimental designs , Non-parametric statistics , Mixed methods , Observation schedules , Longitudinal study

  11. Applied Correspondence Analysis

    Applied Correspondence Analysis

    Sten-Erik Clausen


    This volume provides readers with a simple, non-technical introduction to correspondence analysis (CA), a technique for summarily describing the relationships among categorical variables in large tables. It begins with the history and logic of CA. The author shows readers ...


    Methods: Log-linear analysis , Constant comparison , Chi-square test , Mean scores , Cases , Alpha error / Type i error , Correlation , Eigenvalue

  12. Applied Logistic Regression Analysis, Second Edition

    Applied Logistic Regression Analysis, Second Edition

    Scott Menard


    The focus in Applied Logistic Regression Analysis, Second Edition, is again on logistic regression models for individual level data, but aggregate or grouped data are also considered. The book includes detailed discussions of goodness of ...


  13. Applied Regression

    Applied Regression

    Michael S. Lewis-Beck


    Applied regression allows social scientists who are not specialists in quantitative techniques to arrive at clear verbal explanations of their ...


  14. Applied Research Design

    Applied Research Design

    Terry E. Hedrick, Leonard Bickman & Debra J. Rog


    To help researchers and students make the transition from the classroom and laboratory to research in the ‘real world,’ the authors reveal the pitfalls and suggest strategies to overcome problems in the design and planning of applied research. With a focus on how to refine research qu...


  15. The SAGE Handbook of Applied Social Research Methods, Second Edition

    The SAGE Handbook of Applied Social Research Methods, Second Edition

    Leonard Bickman & Debra J. Rog


    The Second Edition of The SAGE Handbook of Applied Social Research Methods provides students and researchers with the most comprehensive resource covering core methods, research designs, and data collection, management, and analysis issues. This thoroughly revised ...


    Methods: Methodology , Sampling , Research design , Quantitative research , Qualitative research

  16. Applied Statistics with SPSS

    Applied Statistics with SPSS

    Eelko Huizingh


    An all-in-one self-study guide to SPSS and do-it-yourself guide to statistics. Based around the needs of undergraduate students embarking on their own research project, and its self-help style is designed to boost the skills and confidence of those that will need to use SPSS in the co...


    Methods: Computer programmes , Statistical packages , Quantitative data analysis , Data analysis

  17. Methods Case Studies

    Applying Discourse Theory: When ‘Text’ Is More than Just Talk

    Jed Horner


    This case provides an overview of the application of Discourse Theory. It outlines the underpinnings of Discourse Theory, including the constitutive role of ‘the political’, examines how data, or ‘text’, are defined in Discourse Theory and explores how it m...


    Methods: Purposive sampling , Discourse analysis , Semi-structured interviews , Document analysis , Qualitative research

  18. Appreciative Inquiry

    Appreciative Inquiry

    Jan Reed


    Pioneers in the area of appreciative inquiry (AI) have focused on it as an organisational development tool, but this book explores AI as a research framework. The author reflects on her experience of using AI as a research approach, and draws on writing in organisational development a...


    Methods: Participatory action research , Interpretation , Ethnography , Participation

  19. Archival Strategies and Techniques

    Archival Strategies and Techniques

    Michael R. Hill


    Historical and biographical work is becoming a more common type of qualitative research done by social scientists and usually requires the extensive use of formal archives housed in universities, governments, museums and other institutions. This practical and concise book provides an ...


  20. Journal Article

    "Are Simple Gain Scores Obsolete?"

    Applied Psychological Measurement (1996)

    Over a quarter century ago, Cronbach & Furby (1970) and many other authors (e.g., Gulliksen, 1950; Lord & Novick, 1968) concluded that simple differences between pretest and posttest scores have questionable value in behavioral and social science research. Yet th...

    Methods: Theory , Quantitative data analysis , Reliability

Showing 41-60 of 75 items

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