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  1. Methods Case Studies

    Awareness of Spiritual Freedom through Imaginal Response to Mystical Poetry: An Intuitive Inquiry

    Dorit Netzer


    This case example features intuitive inquiry, a qualitative method, which incorporates hermeneutic and heuristic features, honoring the participants' subjective experience and the researcher's subjective perception of the data. Intuitive inquiry invites the...


    Methods: Visual research , Hermeneutics , Qualitative research , Qualitative evaluation , Phenomenology

  2. The A-Z of Social Research

    The A-Z of Social Research

    Robert L. Miller & John D. Brewer


    Have you ever wondered what a concise, comprehensive book providing critical guidance to the whole expanse of social science research methods and issues might look like? The A-Z is a collection of 94 entries ranging from qualitative research techniques to statistical testing and the p...


Showing 81-82 of 82 items

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