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  1. Methods Case Studies

    Art-Based Organic Inquiry: Creative Expression with Natural Materials

    Dorit Netzer & Minyoung Chang


    This case is an example for an art-based organic inquiry, a qualitative method that incorporates heuristic and transpersonal features. This study honored the participants' lived experiences, while they engaged in creative expression with conventional art and natural materials as means...


    Methods: Artistic inquiry , Thematic analysis

  2. Journal Article

    "The art(fulness) of open-ended interviewing: some considerations on analysing interviews"

    Qualitative Research (2001)

    ABSTRACT Considerable analytic attention has focused on interviewees’ talk as ‘accounts’, or ‘versions’, rather than as direct reports of attitudes or perceptions. However, despite recognition of the ‘co-construction of accounts’, little analytic atte...

    Methods: Interviews , Analysis , Qualitative research , Conversation analysis

  3. Handbook of the Arts in Qualitative Research: Perspectives, Methodologies, Examples, and Issues

    Handbook of the Arts in Qualitative Research: Perspectives, Methodologies, Examples, and Issues

    J. Gary Knowles & Ardra L. Cole


    Represents an unfolding and expanding orientation to qualitative social science research that draws inspiration, concepts, processes, and representational forms from the arts.


    Methods: Visual representations , Artistic inquiry , Visual research , Visual analysis , Writing , Performance , Dance , Experience , Text , Drama , Art

  4. Assessing Inequality

    Assessing Inequality

    Lingxin Hao & Daniel Q. Naiman


    This text reviews a set of widely used summary inequality measures, and the lesser known relative distribution method provides the basic rational...


    Methods: Inequality , Descriptive statistics , Distribution , Interpretation , Statistical significance , Analysis , Power , Survey , Empirical data

  5. Methods Case Studies

    Assessing the Effects of Development Aid in Post-Conflict Regions: Using Survey and Field Research Methods in the North East Afghanistan Longitudinal Study

    Jan R. Böhnke, Jan Koehler & Christoph Zürcher


    In 2006, we started a project based on previous fieldwork in Afghanistan as well as other Central Asian countries to assess whether development aid in (post-)conflict regions has an effect on stability, that is, security, ...


    Methods: Evaluation research , Interviews , Fieldwork , Qualitative methods , Quantitative research , Triangulation , Mixed methods , Survey

  6. Methods Case Studies

    Assessing the Impact of a Community Program for Young Girls: Literature Review, Questionnaire Survey Methods, and Survey Data Analysis

    Rachael Jurek & Kirsten Isgro


    This case study shares the research process of one upper level undergraduate research methods course for Communication Studies and Public Relations students at a mid-sized public college in the Northeastern United States. As ...


    Methods: Coding , Research ethics , Quantitative research , Literature review , Multiple realities , Secondary data analysis , Survey data analysis

  7. Methods Case Studies

    Assessing the Income Consequences of Breastfeeding for Women: A Controversial Case Using Linear Growth Modelling

    Phyllis L. F. Rippeyoung


    Due to the fact that most breastfeeding research has been carried out by those in the natural and health sciences, the literature has emphasized the health benefits of breastfeeding for babies and how to persuade women to do ...


    Methods: Quantitative data analysis , Research design , Prospective data , Secondary Analysis , Longitudinal analysis , Statistical modelling

  8. Assessing the Quality of Survey Data

    Assessing the Quality of Survey Data

    Jörg Blasius & Victor Thiessen


    This book introduces the latest methods for assessing the quality and validity of survey data by providing new ways of interpreting variation and measuring error. By practically and accessibly demonstrating these techniques, especially those derived from Multiple Correspondence Analys...


    Methods: Integrity , Scaling , Screening , Comparison , Quantitative data collection , Quality criteria , Survey

  9. The Association Graph and the Multigraph for Loglinear Models

    The Association Graph and the Multigraph for Loglinear Models

    Harry J. Khamis


    Will help students, particularly those studying the analysis of categorical data, to develop the ability to evaluate and unravel even the most complex loglinear models without heavy calculations or statistical software.


    Methods: Visualization , Contingency tables , Data visualisation , Log-linear analysis , Association models , Quantitative data analysis , Graph theory , Modelling , Association , Crosstabulation , Statistical modelling

  10. Association Models

    Association Models

    Raymond Sin-Kwok Wong


    Although association models have been widely utilized by social stratification researchers, especially in the study of social mobility and assortative mating such techniques have yet to be widely disseminated to other social science disciplines. This is partly because most of the impo...


    Methods: Quantitative data analysis , Association models , Quantitative research , Statistical significance , Statistical modelling

  11. Methods Case Studies

    Asynchronous Email Interviewing: A Qualitative Data Collection Method

    Berenice Golding


    When I began my PhD in 2007, little research had been undertaken that examined egg-share donors’ experiences of giving informed consent. Egg sharing is an assisted reproduction treatment pioneered by Eric Simons and ...


    Methods: Interviews , Qualitative data collection , Hermeneutic analysis , Internet research , E-research , Phenomenology , Internet interviewing

  12. SRM Datasets

    Audio Methods: Analysing Field Recordings of Electronic Voices in Athens and Glasgow

    Michael Gallagher


    Field recordings are audio recordings of the varied sounds of the world, produced outside of acoustically controlled spaces. As a research method, field recording offers intriguing possibilities for researchers interested in the sonic aspe...


    Methods: Tape-recording

    Data Types: Audio Files

  13. Methods Case Studies

    An Auto-Ethnographic Research Degree: Crafting Twice-Told Tales of Practice in Dialogue with Your Published (or Unpublished) Writings

    Sally Denshire


    In 2006, I commenced a doctoral project on my life as an occupational therapist. I was interested to find out how auto-ethnography could contribute to understanding professional practice and, in particular, the published work of experienced practitioners. My approach of crafting twice...


    Methods: Auto-ethnography

  14. Journal Article

    "Autoethnography in Vocational Psychology: Wearing Your Class on Your Sleeve"

    Journal of Career Development (2010)

    This article addresses reflective practice in research and practice and takes the issue of consciousness of social class in vocational psychology as a working example. It is argued that the discipline's appreciation of social class can be advanced through application...

    Methods: Autoethnography , Class , Reflexivity

  15. Methods Case Studies

    Awareness of Spiritual Freedom through Imaginal Response to Mystical Poetry: An Intuitive Inquiry

    Dorit Netzer


    This case example features intuitive inquiry, a qualitative method, which incorporates hermeneutic and heuristic features, honoring the participants' subjective experience and the researcher's subjectiv...


    Methods: Visual research , Hermeneutics , Qualitative research , Qualitative evaluation , Phenomenology

  16. The A-Z of Social Research

    The A-Z of Social Research

    Robert L. Miller & John D. Brewer


    Have you ever wondered what a concise, comprehensive book providing critical guidance to the whole expanse of social science research methods and issues might look like? The A-Z is a collection of 94 entries ranging from qualitative research techniques to statistical testing and the p...


Showing 81-96 of 96 items

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