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  1. Neural Networks

    Neural Networks

    Hervé Abdi, Dominique Valentin & Betty Edelman


    Neural networks, adaptive statistical models based on an analogy with the structure of the brain, can be used to estimate the parameters of some population using one (or a few) exemplars at a time. This book introduces ...


    Methods: Memory

  2. Nonparametric Measures of Association

    Nonparametric Measures of Association

    Jean Dickinson Gibbons


    When analyzing data, how should the relationship between two or more sets of observations be described, that is, values of two or more variables, when the variables are ordinal and not bivariate normal? Aimed at helping the researc...


    Methods: Pearson's correlation coefficient , Nonparametric tests , Spearman's rank order correlation , Correlation , Kendall's rank correlation

  3. Nonparametric Simple Regression

    Nonparametric Simple Regression

    John Fox


    While regression analysis traces the dependence of the distribution of a response variable to see if it bears a particular (linear) relationship to one or more of the predictors, nonparametric regression analysis makes minimal assumptions about the form of relationship between the ave...


    Methods: Time-series analysis , Nonparametric statistics , Regression analysis , Regression

  4. Nonparametric Statistics

    Nonparametric Statistics

    Jean Dickinson Gibbons


    Through the use of actual research investigations that have appeared in recent social science journals, Gibbons shows the reader the specific methodology and logical rationale for many of the best-known and most frequently used nonparametric methods that are applicable to most small a...


    Methods: Nonparametric statistics , Nonparametric tests , Non-parametric statistics

  5. Nonrecursive Causal Models

    Nonrecursive Causal Models

    William D. Berry


    Where an assumption of unidirectionality in causal effects is unrealistic, ‘recursive’ models cannot be used, and more complex ‘nonrecursive’ models are necessary. Unfortunately, many nonrecursive models (unlike recursive models) are ...


    Methods: Causation , Identification , Estimation , Causal models

  6. Nonrecursive Models: Endogeneity, Reciprocal Relationships, and Feedback Loops

    Nonrecursive Models: Endogeneity, Reciprocal Relationships, and Feedback Loops

    Pamela Paxton, John R. Hipp & Sandra Marquart-Pyatt


    A clear and concise introduction to the estimation and assessment of nonrecursive simultaneous equation models. This unique monograph gives practical advice on the specification and identification of simultaneous equation models, how to assess the quality of the estimates, and how to ...


    Methods: Simultaneous equations , Structural equation modelling (SEM) , Quantitative data analysis , Exogenous variables , Endogenous variables

Showing 1-6 of 6 items

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