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October 2014 - A Case Study of Social Media and Remote Communications in Military Research: Examining Military and Deployment Experiences of Army Women

Nikki R. Wooten,  Marlene B. Al-Barwani, Jessica A. Chmielewski, Jennifer E. Buck, Taylor L. Hall, Lisa L. Moore & Alyssia C. Woods

Researchers today have a greater range of options when it comes to data collection than any previous generation. In addition to the tried and tested tools, researchers can look to technology to capture the moment-by-moment experiences, and even emotions, of their subjects. Mobile phone technology, smart phone apps and social media all provide new angles through which researchers can access data. Our feature case for October features one such innovative research design. In this case, Wooten et al describe how they were able to utilise social media and remote communication technology to access military service members during their deployment. This case is a must-read for anyone interested in utilising new technologies. The case discusses how to use Facebook, google, twitter and skype, amongst other tools. It includes a useful discussion on the ethical implications of undertaking research in this continually evolving field. This case will also be of interest to those considering more traditional data collection methods but are interested in researching the military or other highly mobile populations.

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