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SAGE Research Methods Cases is a collection of case studies of real social research, specially commissioned and designed to help you understand abstract methodological concepts in practice.


No research project exists only on paper or in a vacuum, and these case studies will complement your theoretical understanding, at all levels, by exploring the difficulties, nuances and real-life decisions that researchers face.


Cases have been carefully commissioned to match course content and to meet the needs of methods teachers, students and researchers, internationally. The collection is developed for use in teaching or by students and researchers seeking applied understanding of research methods. Each case is equipped with learning outcomes and discussion questions to guide and support understanding.


Look out for substantial additions of new cases in the summer and in January 
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July 2014 - How to Use Cases in Research Methods Teaching: An Author and Editor’s View

Janet Salmons

This month we are featuring a piece by Janet Salmons. This is not a case, as such. Rather, it is an article about cases. Janet introduces the concept of a Research Methods Case and discusses how to use SAGE Research Methods Cases in the classroom. We would encourage any faculty member to read Janet’s piece and consider how they may use cases with their own students. If you have successfully used one of our cases please do let us know. SAGE would love to hear all about your experiences!

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