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January 2015 - Biographical Interviewing: The Case of Non-Traditional Students in Higher Education

Agnieszka Bron & Camilla Thunborg

Biographical Research Methods occupy a major role in qualitative research in various academic disciplines, particularly those that strive to analyze human nature and behavior. This case study, written by Agnieszka Bron and Camilla Thunborg, offers a clear demonstration of both the practical and theoretical factors at work in biographical interviewing, as well as outlining the challenges that come along with this method of research. Based on a European project (RANLHE) that aims to investigate the factors that “promote or constrain the access to, retention and non-completion of non-traditional students in higher education”, this case study focuses on students in Sweden who are the first generation of their families to attend higher education. The writers use Grounded Theory to analyze the biographical data and include vignettes that highlight selected interviewees. If you are an educator, teacher, behavioral analyst, or even if you are simply interested in the role that higher education plays in non-traditional communities, and among people of various backgrounds and disciplines, then I am certain that you will find this as enjoyable and enlightening as I did!

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