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January 2016: Constitutional Review in Turkey: Multilevel Analysis, by Yasushi Hazama


Hazama Yasushi, the Director of Middle Eastern Studies Group at Institute of Developing Economies in Japan begins his case by asking us the following question:

If you suspect that the decisions of a court are not independent but biased for certain groups or ideas, how do you investigate whether the suspected tendency actually exists?

The methodological challenge in this case centres on “how to use multilevel analysis and to code archival documents into a dataset amenable for statistical analysis.” Dr Yasushi uses his rich experience to illustrate how archival data can be used for statistical analysis and walks us through all the steps he takes in order to find an answer to the question he initially poses. In this case you will discover: how to make a dataset from archives, how to break down a text into coding units by yourself and how to analyse data using a two-level logistic regression model. The case is relevant to the author’s home country, but by the end, you will be able to find answers to questions that are relevant to your own background, as is directed in this case’s exercises section.

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