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March 2015 - Stigma Management Techniques of Gay Skinheads: A Content Analysis of a Gay Racist Website and Message Boards


“Being a gay racist is as oxymoronic as an African American KKK member or a Jewish neo-Nazi,” says author and researcher Lisa K. Waldner, who here investigates the causes and effects of troubled individuals adopting oppositional identities. Using content analysis and participant observation methods to collect her data, Waldner exposes the ways in which gay white people belonging to elitist ethnic and national groups use their white supremacist views to de-stigmatize their sexual orientation. The author was able to gather such a poignant sample in her research by using representative sampling methodology instead of traditional random sampling, and even though the validity of this research was at times challenged due to the subjects’ disguised identities (many hide their orientation out of fear of embarrassing the group to which they belong) the results might surprise you.

After recent global occurrences, the topic of racial and religious extremism resonates more than ever before. And in this vital study, the author helps us get to the heart of the matter by offering crucial information on the behavioural patterns and environmental influences that bolster the membership of such groups.

For the student of social science methods, the instructor and practitioner of qualitative sociology and the critical thinker perturbed by the late tragic realities, this case is for you. As unpleasant as it may be to explore instances of racial hatred, this article will help you discover more about the psycho-social orientation of the Other and the ethical dilemmas faced by the researcher grappling with such material.

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