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November 2014 - Girls and ‘Tween’ Popular Culture in Everyday Life: A Project Example

Sue Jackson

The Hollaback! film of 108 instances of street harassment in a single 10 hour period on New York streets is the viral video of the moment. Anecdotal evidence tells us this is a daily occurrence in the lives of many women. The impact of this event comes from the fact it was recorded. Hollaback! have effectively turned anecdote in to data that can be studied and analysed. This month, SAGE Research Methods features a case by Sue Jackson. Her aim was to explore how pre-teen girls deal with sexualization, negotiate celebrity culture, and understand themselves in relation to the “perfect” body depicted in glossy media. Like the Hollaback! video, Jackson felt that day to day lived experience had been ignored despite frequent, generalized discussion of the issues. Jackson utilised video diaries to give her subjects a voice. She aims to understand the experience of young girls interacting with media in their day-to-day activities. If you are interested in capturing lived -experiences utilising visual methods, read this case and find out how.

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