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SAGE Research Methods Cases is a collection of case studies of real social research, specially commissioned and designed to help you understand abstract methodological concepts in practice.


No research project exists only on paper or in a vacuum, and these case studies will complement your theoretical understanding, at all levels, by exploring the difficulties, nuances and real-life decisions that researchers face.


Cases have been carefully commissioned to match course content and to meet the needs of methods teachers, students and researchers, internationally. The collection is developed for use in teaching or by students and researchers seeking applied understanding of research methods. Each case is equipped with learning outcomes and discussion questions to guide and support understanding.


Look out for substantial additions of new cases in the summer and in January 
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August 2014 - Narrative Analysis through storytelling: exploring undergraduate mathematics

Hilary Povay & Corinne Angier

In the next 6 weeks a new cohort of students will begin their university studies. Understanding the choices made by students during their undergraduate journey is of utmost importance to academic institutions. In this month’s feature case Hilary Povay and Corinne Angier examine the choice to study mathematics. They set out to discover the “student experience” of studying mathematics and how it compared between their particular institution and other “elite” institutions. How did these students understand themselves and their identities as mathematicians? How was this identity affected by passing or failing the course? Using a narrative methodology – despite their own initial reservations about this methodological approach – Povay and Angier tell the story of “Joanne” and her experience of studying mathematics at an undergraduate level. Read this case if you are interested in the undergraduate student experience or are looking for an honest, reflective account of narrative methodology in a real research context.

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