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April 2015 - A Conversation Analytic Exploration of Laughter in the Police Interview


The first day of the month brings us pranks, laughs and jolly gatherings. So what is more topical then than a case about conversation analysis (CA) methodologies used to transcribe and analyse patterns of laughter found in police tapes of interrogation interviews?

The researcher and writer, Elisabeth Carter, provides ample examples of transcription material, so that the student wishing to conduct research using CA has a better understanding of the complexities faced. Moreover, we get to see how patterns of speech work if taken outside of their context, a crucial observation for anyone in the social sciences and the humanities who is interested in language and human behaviour.

For those interested in language and its usage in interactional methodologies, or if you simply want to sharpen your knowledge in the theory and practice of CA, this is a must-read!

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