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SRM for Faculty


SRM for Faculty

The books, reference works, journal articles, and case studies in SAGE Research Methods provide everything you and your students need to design and execute a research project. From verifying that your research question is a good one to conducting a literature review to choosing the most appropriate methods, the content in SAGE Research Methods will inform every step of the research process. The full range of methods used in the social and behavioral sciences are covered, as are many commonly used in science, technology, and medicine.


Supervising Student Research

If you’re overseeing a student research project, thesis, or dissertation, you can direct students to SRM to help with every step of the research process:

·         Write a Research Question—Students often have a good research topic, but sometimes need help refining their research question.  A quick search on SRM gives them info on what makes a good, testable research question.

·         Conduct a Literature ReviewSRM includes info on how to conduct a literature review, as well as how to write-up the results.

·         Choose a Method—This video talks about how to select the right method for your research. 

o   Dictionary and Encyclopedia entries are a great way to get a quick introduction to a method and narrow down the best means of testing their research question.

o   If your library has access, SAGE Research Methods Cases can also help select methods. Students can search case studies for research questions similar to theirs and use the same or similar methodology.

·         Gather, Analyze, and Present the Data—The many book titles on particular methods equip students to gather and analyze their data, and case studies can show them the obstacles and questions that can often arise in the course of a project to help them anticipate these twists.

·         DisseminationSRM has resources on completing a dissertation and/or submitting work for publication


Teaching Research Methods Courses

All of the content on SRM is designed to instruct readers new to a method or a concept in how to employ that method or concept themselves in their own research. As such, SRM is the perfect resource for those teaching Research Methods courses. You can curate reading lists for your students by creating a Methods List and setting it to public. Watch this video for more information.

You can also add SRM content to your Course Management System.  Find out how.

Sample Assignments are available on the Faculty Resource Page.

For more info on the features of SRM, please visit the online User Guide.