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SRM for Students


SRM and Students

What is a Research Method?

Research Methods are the systematic tools used to conduct research. Basically, they are the rules researchers follow to collect information in order to seek an answer to their research question. 


Why are they important?

Research methods help researchers collect data in an accepted manner in order to produce accurate results. Sound methodology is important to make sure your research results are trusted and respected in your field.

In some disciplines, the use of standardized methods is also important to allow fellow researchers to replicate, or repeat, your study. For example, if a new medical study shows that eating chocolate lowers blood pressure, the medical community will want to find other experiments with the same results before doctors start to encourage their patients to eat more chocolate.


What does SAGE Research Methods do?

SAGE Research Methods (SRM) is an online collection of books and other full-text materials that provide authoritative information on how to perform hundreds of research methods.  The how-tos for carrying out every step of your research project are here.

You can find great coverage in SRM on all steps of the research process, such as writing a research question, conducting a literature review, and writing up the findings. You will also find short introductions and lengthy explorations of hundreds of research methods used in the social sciences.


The Research Process

·         Write a Research Question—You might know what topic you want to investigatesay, chocolate’s effects on health—but what is the specific question you will test?  A quick search on SRM will show you how to write a good, testable research question.

·         Conduct a Literature Review—SRM includes info on how to conduct a literature review, as well as how to write-up the results.

·         Choose a method for gathering and analyzing you data—This video talks about how to select the right method for your research. 

o   Dictionary and Encyclopedia entries are a great way to get a quick introduction to a method and narrow down the best means of testing your research question.

o   If your library has access, SAGE Research Methods Cases can also help you select your method. Search case studies for research questions similar to yours and use the same or similar methodology.

·         Gather, Analyze, and Present the Data—The many book titles on particular methods will equip you to gather and analyze your data, and case studies can show you the obstacles and questions that can often arise in the course of a project to help you anticipate these twists.

·         Dissemination—Depending on what you're working on, dessemination may simply mean turning in your research proposal or paper.  If you're working on a bigger project, SRM has resources on complete a dissertation or submitting work for publication.


For more info on the features of SRM, please visit the online User Guide.