Chapter 4 Analyzing Data and Reporting Findings

Provide a conceptualization of qualitative data analysis. Identify the specific strategies involved in analyzing qualitative data. Explain how to organize, reduce, and prepare raw data through coding and categorization. Explain how to formulate clear and precise findings statements based on analysis of the data. Describe how to report and present findings in a clear, comprehensive, and systematic manner. Presentation of a completed findings chapter based on the content and process as described earlier. Once you have collected your data by way of the various data-collection methods that you have chosen to use, your next step is to manage, organize, and make sense of all the separate pieces of accumulated information. Qualitative data include excerpts from documentation, interview transcripts, survey comments, focus group transcripts, critical incident forms, field notes from observations, and so on. Additionally, you may have collected some quantitative data by way of survey methodology, yielding numbers, frequencies, and ...

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