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Double Hermeneutic

Lace Marie Brogden

In the field of hermeneutics—that is, interpretation, or meaning making—the double hermeneutic is used to name a concomitant production of meaning and meaning-making within the research process. The double hermeneutic is present in all case study research insomuch as it calls attention to the complexities of meaning-making present within the various disciplines of the social sciences engaged in interpretive research. The concept is used to name interactions present between the text attributable to the research focus, topic, or participant and the text the researcher brings to the inquiry. These two contexts—the context of that which is being researched (often referred to as the object of the research ) and the context of the researcher (often referred to as the subject of the research )—interact dialogically and co-inform one another within the research process. Although the term double hermeneutic is frequently attributed to sociologist Anthony Giddens, philosophical constructs upon which Dasein ...

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