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Encyclopedia of Measurement and Statistics

Neil J. Salkind & Kristin Rasmussen

Pub. date: 2007 | DOI:

Print ISBN: 9781412916110 | Online ISBN: 9781412952644

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Encyclopedia Entry

Profile Analysis

Steven Stemler

In psychological research, there are many instances in which the goal is to classify people as belonging to certain groups. Personality researchers often search for evidence of personality types, some intelligence researchers search for evidence that people exhibit different types of intelligences, and so on. The term profile analysis is used to represent a variety of techniques that share the common goal of empirically classifying individual observations into distinguishable groups based on common characteristics measured by observed variables. Strictly speaking, it is not a statistical technique because no inferences are being made to population parameters. Rather, profile analysis is a data reduction technique. It is conceptually similar to factor analysis, but the difference is that the focus in profile The ...

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