Hearing my Feeling Voice?: An Autobiographical Discussion of Motherhood

Evoking and listening to research voices raises issues about the contingency and precariousness of the perspectives being voiced. For private perspectives and understandings to be communicated, and formulated as public knowledge, they first have to be articulated in a personal voice. Yet, given the power of public bodies of knowledge, we may struggle to find a voice that can express more private ways of being. In this introductory discussion, I want to consider the difficulties I have found in hearing my own voice amidst the multitude of voices that occur around mothering. Over the years, I have moved, in various ways, in and out of the academic forum, and I have also moved in and out of the intense preoccupation of mothering a small child. I want to consider how this mothering has been interlinked with more public academic work, and in particular, how my most recent experience of mothering ...

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