Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behavior: Additional Tips for Creating Survey Questions

Although it is conventional in some fields, such as health care, to think of measuring knowledge first and then attitudes and behavior, surveys tend to focus on attitudes. An attitude is a general way of thinking, such as being liberal or conservative or being hostile or peaceable. The term attitude is often used interchangeably with the terms opinion, belief, preference, feeling , and value . The following are typical of survey questions about attitudes: ▪ Do you favor gun control? ▪ Should the federal government do more to equalize income differences between the rich and the poor? ▪ How satisfied are you with your job? ▪ Which of the following are essential goals of a democratic society? ▪ Which description comes closest to defining the quality of your life? ▪ How healthy do you feel? ▪ Which is the best solution to illegal immigration? ▪ Do you favor an increase ...

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