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Qualitative Research in Education

Peter R. Freebody

Pub. date: 2003 | DOI:

Print ISBN: 9780761961413 | Online ISBN: 9781849209670

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Research in Education: Problems with Practical Activity

If a society knows what it wants from its educational activities, and if it has the experience and resources to bring about what it wants, then why is there educational research? Where does the motivation for educational research come from? What is it about educational practices as they are currently undertaken around the world, in and out of formal educational institutions, that has seeded the evolution of research as integral to, rather than added to, the ‘core business’? Is research best seen as a description or legitimation of common-sense business-as-usual, or as an interruption or an irritation? Or as simply background accompaniment? These are the questions for this chapter. Here I outline the place of research in the overall educational efforts of a society, and briefly explore some aspects of the history, motivations and interests of research as a set of public practices. Specifically, these questions are addressed: 1. Where ...

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