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Reworking Qualitative Data

Janet Heaton

Pub. date: 2004 | DOI:

Print ISBN: 9780761971436 | Online ISBN: 9781849209878

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Epistemologica! Issues

The nature of qualitative research 54 The problem of data ‘fit’ 57 The problem of not having ‘been there’ 60 The problem of verification 65 Conclusion 71 Notes 71 The extension of secondary analysis to qualitative data raises a number of issues about the compatibility of the methodology with the epistemologi-cal foundations of qualitative research. In this chapter following an overview of the main characteristics of qualitative research I examine three key issues that lie at the heart of the debate over whether qualitative data can be re-used in the same ways as quantitative data. These are: first, the problem of data ‘fit’ - whether or not pre-existing qualitative research data can be legitimately used for purposes other than those for which they were originally collected; second, the problem of not having ‘been there’ - how the relatively distant relationship of the secondary analyst to the data affects his or ...

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