Elements of the Survey: Implementation

4.1 Developing objectives and research questions 49 4.2 Developing the questionnaire 51 4.3 Selecting the sample 62 4.4 Collecting the data 62 4.5 Analysing the data 63 4.6 Review concepts 65 Notes 66 Chapter 3 described the main elements of the survey. This chapter now gives a set of steps for putting each element into practice, using different parts of the examples in Chapter 6 for illustration. These steps are interrelated and interdependent, and they need to be congruent with each other. This is part of the internal validity of the project, by which the survey is developed as a coherent whole. As the steps are presented, some recurrent issues typically faced by beginning researchers are described, and guidelines for dealing with them are given. The hierarchy of concepts presented in detail in Chapter 3, and repeated below, is a useful tool at this stage. research area; research topic; survey ...

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