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Goodman and Kruskal's tau (t)

a measure of the proportional increase in accurately predicting the outcome of one categorical variable when we have information about a second categorical variable where it is assumed that the predictions are based on the their overall proportions. We can illustrate this test with the data in Table G.1 (under the entry for Goodman and Kruskal's lambda) where we may be interested in finding out how much our ability to predict whether a person has passed or failed a test is ...

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    • 'The authors make excellent use of illustrative examples' - Reference Reviews. The SAGE Dictionary of Statistics provides students and researchers with an accessible and definitive resource to use when studying statistics in the social sciences, reading research reports and undertaking data analysis. Written by leading academics in the field of methodology and statistics, the Dictionary will be an essential study guide for the first-time researcher as well as a primary resource for more advanced study. This is a practical and concise dictionary that serves the everyday uses of statistics across the whole range of social science disciplines. It offers basic and straightforward definitions of key concepts, followed by more detailed step-by-step explanations of situating specific methods and techniques. It also contains lists of related concepts to help the user to draw connections across various fields and increase their overall understand of a specific technique. A list of key readings helps to reinforce the aim of the Dictionary as an invaluable learning resource. Designed specifically for students and those new to research, and written in a lively and engaging manner, this Dictionary is an essential reference work for students and researchers across the social sciences.

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